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Just 15 minutes from downtown, where the city skyline fades into the Fort Worth Prairie Park, sits Conundrum Farms. A thriving, regenerative, no-till, organic farm, that grows a variety of healthy produce through the shared work of our non-profit partners, supporters and volunteers.  


But Conundrum Farms is not just about cultivating crops; it is also about cultivating connections. Connections with the earth, nature, food, and most importantly, each other. Conundrum Farms is that “third place” - not home, not work, but a place where people can meet, talk and laugh together while growing healthy food, fostering friendships, and rediscovering the simple joy of belonging.


Whether you join us for one of our own curated on-farm events, or reserve our venue for your own special occasion, we look forward to sharing our unique space with you. 

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"Sow & Tell"

 A collection of special moments and stories we've collected at the farm so far:

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