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Our Produce

Produced by the masses, not mass produced...

Conundrum Farms stands as a testament to the harmony that can exist between agriculture and nature. We tend every inch of our land with a deep respect for the environment, fostering a thriving, productive, and diverse ecosystem. At our farm, we embrace a no-till, regenerative approach to farming, recognizing that working with nature, not against it, yields the most bountiful and sustainable results. By avoiding pesticides and herbicides and instead using cover crops and integrated pest management practices, we prioritize the health of our soil and, ultimately, the food that grows in it

Where to find our Produce:

During the 2024 growing season, we are exploring several ways to get our fresh produce to you, including:

  • Local Farmer's Markets We plan to be at our local farmer’s markets, like the Cowtown Farmer's Market and the ClearFork Market, as well as others on occasion.

  • Conundrum Farm Picker's Club:  In 2024 we will start our Conundrum Farm Picker's Club, where our members will be invited to join us on the farm to pick their own fresh produce.  

  • Mobile Farm Stand - We are currently building our mobile farm stand trailer, that will allow us to bring our fresh produce directly to your neighborhood or work place.  


For specific dates, time and locations for the 2024 season, subscribe to our newsletter or stalk us on your favorite social media apps. 

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