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Join The Conundrum Picker's Club

As part of our commitment to farming at a human scale, we will be experimenting with a "U-Pick-It" program in 2024. We hope that this program will further the building of our farm community by providing a hand-ons opportunity to learn how farmers grow food and participate in the process. 


How it works (we hope...)

Throughout this upcoming growing season we will be monitoring our production and market plans to determine how many "pickers" we can support in the coming week. We will then send an e-mail to those on the Conundrum Picker's Club list, announcing the date & time tickets will be made available.

On the designated date, we will send another e-mail announcing the number of available spots and opening up the ticketing portal.

Once you have your ticket and time slot, you will be provided access to the farm, where you will be able to harvest your own produce. Produce will be sold by the pound at check-out.

If you're interested in being on the Conundrum Picker's Club list and being the first to hear about our "U Pick-It" days, please register using this form. 


Join the Picker's Club

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